Hollow Tine Core Aeration & Seaweed Root Booster

The effects of our highly concentrated seaweed extract on the turf’s root system are phenomenal.


Hollow tine core aeration

Removes thousands of cores from the surface of the lawn. This relieves compaction, giving the roots more air and space to grow which greatly improves the lawns general condition and drought resistance. It also improves surface drainage and destructs sub-surface thatch, which creates a less favourable environment for moss. We recommend annual hollow tine core aeration when aiming to achieve a perfect lawn. When we see the level of soil compaction becoming to heavy, we will always strongly recommend hollow tine core aeration.

Hollow Tine Aeration

Seaweed Root Booster

Seaweed root booster works on the root system in two different ways. Firstly, it stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity, particularly in the soil directly around the roots, where the beneficial fungi and bacteria called ‘mycorrhizae’ live. This results in a substantially larger root mass. This increased root system is really beneficial to the turf as it enables more water to be drawn from the soil, which greatly improves drought tolerance. Also the larger root mass increases the grass plant ability to utilise the fertiliser we apply more effectively, which means the overall health and vigour of the turf is significantly enhanced.

Secondly, seaweed contains natural plant growth regulators, which massively increase root growth and improve the condition of the root system. They are called ‘indole compounds’ and hormones called ‘auxins’.


Seaweed Booster

Our Seaweed root booster has the added benefit of supplying the soil with 60 different nutrients and several growth hormones, which are all used by turf grasses. It also enhances photosynthesis, which makes grass greener.




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