Early Autumn Lawn Boost Treatment

We give the turf exactly what it needs, whether that be extra nutrients to harden off lush growth, or nutrients to increase side shoot production.


The Early Autumn Lawn Boost Treatment is applied during September and October.  It is designed to right the seasons’ wrongs. It changes with what each different growing season brings.  Extra moss control and fungicide will always be included.

Lawn Boost Treatment

We believe it to be an integral part of a lawn care regime. The end of the growing season is the perfect time to make any necessary amendments to the turf, to ensure it is ready for winter dormancy. Growing seasons can be very different from year to year. For example, if we have low rainfall and drought conditions during the summer months, we include quick acting nutrients to encourage a flush of new growth and vigorous side shoot production. This will ensure we have a nice dense turf, leaving little space for the invasion of moss during autumn and winter. Conversely if we have had one of our infamous wet British summers, the turf will already be at optimum density. The potential problem is fungal invasion of the soft lush growth. During this kind of season we would include nutrients to ‘harden’ the turf, improving disease resistance. Also higher doses of fungicide would be applied.


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