Treatment Programmes

Our lawn treatment programmes are great value too, for a typical front and back lawn start from around £5 per month on direct debit!


lawn care programme

The Basic Programme

This lawn care programme comprises of the four standard applications; The Spring Treatment; The Early Summer Treatment; The Late Summer Treatment and The Autumn / Winter Treatment. This is a great entry level plan and will keep your lawn in far better shape than any DIY regime.

The Superior Programme

This lawn care programme gives absolutely fantastic results and represents great value for money. In addition to the Basic programme it includes The Early Autumn Boost Treatment which most of our customers have opted for over the past few years and the feedback back has been excellent. We apply this in September and it is designed to right the seasons’ wrongs. It changes with what each different growing season brings, we give the turf exactly what it needs, whether that be extra nutrients to harden off lush growth, or nutrients to increase side shoot production, we always include some extra moss control and fungicide.

This programme also includes Machine Scarification every other year. This will ensure we keep the thatch and moss at bay and it will stimulate the production of new growth, side shoots and runners. The years when we are not scarifying, we will Hollow-Tine Core Aerate, this

will be done in conjunction with a highly concentrated and extremely effective Seaweed Root Booster Treatment. This ensures we keep the root system healthy and strong.

The results from this programme create beautiful, lush and healthy turf.

The Ultimate Programme

This programme is the absolute pinnacle of professional turf management. If perfection of your lawn is what you desire, then this is the treatment programme for you. This package comprises of everything that you receive with the superior programme and in addition we will Machine Scarify, Hollow-Tine Core Aerate and apply our Seaweed Root Booster Treatment every year. This will ensure that thatch and moss are not allowed to build up in the turf and that vital new side shoots and runners are stimulated each year. This enables the root system to be maintained at an optimum condition. Also our Wetting Agent Treatment will be applied up to three times each season. This significantly reduces the irrigation requirements and helps to ensure the turf stays healthy and lush during hot and dry weather. It will also eliminate any localised dry patch issues. With our ultimate programme we also include our Slow-Growth Regulator Treatment which works fantastically. It targets the plant’s growth hormones to inhibit vertical growth and stimulate side shoot production and root growth. This results in a healthier, denser turf, with improved colour, appearance and drought tolerance. With the added benefit of up to 50% slower growth.

Lawns can suffer from fungal and insect infestations, their impact can range from minor discolouration to the rapid destruction of large areas of turf. With this programme, as and when required, Fungicides and Insecticides will be applied for no extra charge.

This lawn care programme is the ultimate turf management plan, the results which it achieves are unsurpassed by anything else

Please contact us to let us know which one of these treatment programmes best suits you. Of course you can ‘Pay As You Go’. However our treatment programmes are great value for money. They are all designed to give your lawn the very most for each budget. They allow you to enjoy the convenience of monthly payments.

We offer several different payment options, which are:

Pay as you go: You can simply pay for each treatment once it has been carried out, either by paying cash or a cheque to the lawn technician, by sending us a cheque in the post, by phoning up and paying by card or by doing an electronic bank transfer.

Direct Debit: You can pay for your annual lawn care by making twelve equal monthly standing order payments.directdebit_logo1


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