Lawn Disease Control

Diseases which affect turf are fungal and include; red thread, fusarium, dollar spot, rust, leaf spot, fairy ring and localised dry patch.


The Lawn People treatment programme will prevent or greatly reduce any fungal problems. We apply turf hardeners as standard in our seasonal treatments which are very effective in preventing fungal problems taking hold. In certain circumstances we will also include fungicides to increase lawn disease control.
lawn disease controlWe will always endeavour to make the lawns we care for a less favourable environment for fungus, by recommending scarification to control the thatch layer as it is a perfect, humid, breeding ground for fungus. Also a compacted soil leads to poor surface drainage and slower growth which are both factors that contribute to fungal diseases, so we will always recommend a compacted lawn is hollow tine core aerated.

Good cutting practices also help prevent against fungal diseases. Keeping your blades sharp is very important as blunt blades bruise the grass and leave an ideal breeding ground for fungal attack. Also ensuring your cutting regime does not stress the grass as stressed turf is far more likely to be affected by fungal diseases. Cutting practices that stress the grass are, scalping, cutting short in drought conditions and cutting in hot and humid conditions

Some funguses like fairy ring cause the soil to repel water, a condition known as hydrophobic soil. This is the symptom of localised dry patch as well, the fungal spores secrete a waxy residue that can build up in soils after long periods of dry weather, a wetting agent is used to rid the soil of this water repellent residue. In the case of a severe fairy ring problem, we stock an amazing fungicide that shifts them quickly, something that traditional fungicides can’t do. The way it works is very clever! Scientists discovered that when a certain type of harmless fungus was present no other fungi could survive, so this fungus has been artificially synthesised as a turf fungicide.

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