Lawn Fertilisation

Our tailored choice of nutrients enables lawns we treat to improve more quickly and be maintained at an unsurpassed level of quality.


Fertiliser is also called feed or nutrients. The way in which we choose a lawn fertilisation schedule for a lawn is done in exactly the same way a turf manager does on a top golf course.

We recommend four applications of feed throughout the growing season, along with weed or moss killer they form our ‘core programme’ of seasonal treatments, each of which cost the same.lawn fertilisation

Seaweed extract is used to keep your alive, encourage root growth and help achieve the unmistakable dark green appearance of a ‘Lawn People Lawn’. During the summer months we compliment our non-scorch, controlled release feeds with special liquid turf conditioners, giving fantastic results in a matter of days and ensuring the lawn stays looking healthy and lush in hot dry weather.

Lawn Fertilisation Treatment

As part of our seasonal lawn fertilisation treatments we compliment the fertiliser we apply with ‘turf luxuries’ usually only received by the countries finest golf courses.

As well as the individual characteristics of a lawn, the season is an important factor in the choice of nutrients, as turf grass has very different nutrient requirements at different times of the season.

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