Lawn A Belonging to Mrs Rowlands of Lower Heswall, Wirral.

This lawn was in very poor condition when we carried out the initial lawn survey report. First of all the lawn was scarified to remove the moss and thatch, next we applied the spring treatment, we did this in early March to increase the active growing season, we used special high analysis boost feed. As the root zone of the lawn is very sandy we chose a suitable fertiliser so the nutrients would not be leached from the soil. To encourage spring root growth and to add vital micro nutrients to the soil we applied a high dosage of liquid seaweed concentrate. There was also an infestation of weeds on the lawn including daisy, dandelion and selfheal. We applied a combination of liquid herbicides to target every species of weed present.

What Mrs Rowlands thought:

“When I contacted the lawn people I thought my lawn was beyond repair, there was an infestation of weeds on the lawn including daisy, dandelion and selfheal. After the application of the spring treatment I witnessed a miraculous transformation over just a couple of months. My lawn is now lush and healthy and virtually free of moss and weeds. I am delighted with the results so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the effects of the Early Summer Treatment.”

Lawn B Belonging to Mr Fox of Prenton, Wirral.

We have been treating this lawn for about two years and it is excellent condition. The granular spring fertiliser we chose for this lawn takes in to account that the root zone is loam based and of optimum acidity for the grass types, which are mainly ‘bents’ and ‘fescues’. The turf density is already high and there is little surface thatch. The spring fertiliser best suited to this lawn is a polymer coated granule with the ideal analysis of superior quality slow release nutrients with high levels of trace elements.. It was complimented by a liquid conditioner containing organic growth hormones and vitamins. A broad spectrum herbicide was applied to keep the lawn completely weed free.

What Mr Fox thought:

“The lawn looked an amazing deep emerald green as a result of this seasons spring treatment. During the last couple of years since using the lawn people my lawn has never looked better. Before using the lawn people I used two other lawn care companies, each for several years; they did not achieve anything like the beautiful appearance my lawn now has. Thanks The Lawn People for creating a lawn which is my pride and joy”

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