We are turf experts that will ensure your lawn is in perfect condition. Our work will truly compliment the work of your gardener or your own gardening. From any combination of the services below we provide a lawn treatment program that creates beautiful and healthy turf.


Disease Control

lawn treatment services


A beautiful lawn is as easy as 123

Step 1

Call us and we will arrange a convenient time for your lawn to be surveyed, this is free of charge and it enables us to ascertain the specific individual characteristics of your lawn, including the grass and soil types, weed and moss problems, the level of acidity and any problems such as fungal and insect infestations. We will also measure the area of your lawn and let you know the cost of our lawn treatment services.

Step 2

From the results of the survey we can now tailor a treatment to the exact requirements of your lawn. If you wish we can apply the first treatment to your lawn, this will comprise off the precise levels of all of the different nutrients it requires and a combination of specific herbicides and/or moss control. We never ask our customers to sign in to any contracts or agreements committing to further lawn treatment services, instead we wait until you have told us how delighted you have been with the first treatment and let you decide if you wish to proceed with our seasonal treatment programme.

Step 3

Once you have been delighted with the results of your first treatment we will recommend you proceed with our seasonal lawn treatment services, which consists of four treatments each year; Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer and Autumn / Winter. Each treatment supplies the turf with absolutely everything it needs for that time of year. All of the four seasonal treatments cost the same. The cost for a typical front and back lawn is just £16! Or just £5 per month with our direct debit discount!

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