Aqua Smart™ Water Conserver Treatment

‘Makes use of every drop of water’

Key Components

Key Benefits

Usually applied in late spring or early summer, our AquaSmart Water Conserver Treatment helps ensure your lawn stays healthy and green throughout the whole summer. Our innovative formulation comprises of:

  1. A water retention agent which keeps the lawn hydrated and green for longer during dry weather.
  2. A wetting agent, that stops dry soil being water repellent, so it becomes hydrated quickly.
  3. A spreading agent, to spread the water and nutrients through the soil Keeping the turf healthy in the summer months.
  4. Seaweed Extract, to improve the root system and strengthen your lawn from the stresses of dry weather.

AquaSmart massively reduces the water requirements of your lawn. The soil becomes hydrated with significantly less rainfall and remains moist for longer. It means that typically you will need to water your lawn 90% less often.

The Lawn People AquaSmart Water Conserver treatment is a great example of our intelligent and ecological approach to lawn care.