Bio Blend™ Organic Soil Conditioning Treatment

‘Packed full of our favourite organics and goodness’

Key Components

Key Benefits

Our EcoGreen Organic Soil Conditioner Treatment supplies your lawn with the pinnacle of organic goodness, while replenishing and nourishing the soil’s ecosystem.

As part of our ‘Ultimate Programme’ we apply this fantastic blend of organics, soil microbes, and amino acids, twice each year. It is available as a ‘bolt-on’ treatment and should be applied between April and September.

The treatment comprises of: A liquid seaweed extract, to enrich the turf with organic nutrients, trace elements and plant growth hormones.

Molasses, it is a fantastic food source for the soil’s microbes, which encourages them to thrive and multiply. It is the microbes in the soil that break down the fertilisers we apply and turn them in to nutrients to nourish the turf.

Amino acids are blended into the liquid. They are formulated with organic biomolecules which stimulate soil microbial production, to improve overall health and resistance to stress.

Bacillus Subtillis, an amazing friendly-bacteria, which improves the root system and overall health, and is also an extremely effective biofungicide that atacks harmful fungi such as fusarium.

Show your soil some love!

The first thing you will notice is the wonderful smell of the seaside from the seaweed extract and that of the sweet molasses. You can almost hear the soil shout thank you, for all the goodness you’re giving it! Soon your lawn will look super healthy, the grass becomes glossy and incredibly lush.