The Lawn People’s Brand-New lawn

The Brand-New Lawn Process:

  1. We kill the existing grasses on your lawn using glyphosate. This is a ‘clean label’ herbicide which is the most ecologically aware choice. It has no toxification effect on the soil and naturally biodegrades.
  2. We remove and recycle the dead grass.
  3. We prepare the rootzone by completely decompacting the soil and enriching it with organic compost and high quality top soil. We then dress with organic bone meal, BioBlend, and AquaSmart. We then level the surface.
  4. After around a week, giving the bone meal a chance to activate and the soil to settle, we will level again. Then, apply our British Emerald™ seed blend. We agree to a watering regime with the customer.
  5. Three weeks later we will visit to check germination and initial establishment.
  6. After a further three weeks we will carry out a final inspection and apply an EcoGreen feed.
  7. Ongoing The Lawn People Treatments

The Lawn People’s Brand-New lawn vs Turf

When creating a high-quality turfed area, like a golf or bowling green, a premier league football pitch, or lawn for show garden. A groundsman, or greenkeeper would never dream of using turf. The reason being that a lawn is comprised of thousands of individual grass plants. Our objective is to ensure that each one of those plants is established in the best way, and the most critical part of this is the root system. When turf is grown, as soon at it has established, it is cut, this process removes most of the grass roots. Then it is rolled up and then later laid. A newly turfed lawn looks like and established lawn. However, it is not. The roots need to re-grow and establish themselves in the new soil, during in this phase the new turf is prone to disease. Even when the roots have become established, they will never be what they would have been, if they hadn’t been chopped off and moved early in their life.

On the other hand, a turfed lawn does give you a usable lawn more quickly than a seeded lawn. So, if speed is the driving factor, then one would have to compromise on quality.

Not all seeded lawns are the same! Our Brand-New Lawns are created with our unique and exclusive seed blend, called British Emerald™, all species have been chosen to suit the UK climate and produce a rich emerald-green turf. The species include the very latest perennial Rye, which have the hardy and rapid establishing characteristics, but with also with excellent appearance. Top class fescue grasses are a major part of the blend which give that ‘velvet’ look and can also tolerate drought conditions. The root zone of a lawn is of critical importance. We use the finest organic compost, blended with high grade topsoil. We prepare this with organic bone meal fertiliser which gives the seedlings the best possible start and encourages a fantastic root system. We apply our BioBlend™ Organic soil conditioner to enrich the turf with organic nutrients, trace elements and plant growth hormones and to nourish and enhance the microbial ecosystem. Lastly, we apply our AquaSmart water conserver treatment, to make best us of all rainfall and irrigation.