Eco Green™ Autumn / Winter Treatment & Annual Lawn Report

‘Kills moss and keeps your lawn strong and healthy throughout autumn and winter’

Key Components

Key Benefits

Applied at the end of autumn or early winter. Our EcoGreen Autumn / Winter Treatment is a slow release 4-month feed, containing nutrients and seaweed extract to harden and strengthen the turf, so it can withstand the stresses of winter weather, keeping the turf strong and deep green throughout winter.  It contains a powerful moss control. The seaweed extract contained in our EcoGreen Autumn / Winter Treatment is very special. The seaweed species Ascophyllum Nodosum is cold pressed to preserve all the micronutrients, plant hormones and alginates. It hardens and strengthens the turf, helping ensure your lawn stays healthy and strong throughout the autumn and winter.

Most of us don’t tend to use our lawns too much at this time of year, but it is reassuring to know that when we are nice and cosy indoors, The Lawn People’s lawns are being looked after by the goodness from seaweed, the ultimate product from mother nature’s store cupboard!

As part of this visit, we carry out a written Annual Lawn Report, which allows us to monitor the lawns response to the seasons treatments and carefully tailor the treatment programme for the following season.