Eco Green™ Early Summer Treatment

‘Nourishes the soil to create emerald-green turf’

Key Components

Key Benefits

In May or June, we apply our EcoGreen Early Summer treatment, as with all our treatments this has been exclusively created for The Lawn People. With high levels of liquid seaweed extract, supplying the turf with nutrients, trace elements and growth hormones, encouraging soil life to flourish and making the turf super-healthy. The seaweed is a sustainable resource and is collected from the sheltered bays and unpolluted waters of the Atlantic Ocean, around the northwest coast of Ireland.

Our EcoGreen Early Summer Treatment contains Molasses, it is a fantastic food source for the soil’s microbes, which encourages them to thrive and multiply. It is the microbes in the soil that break down the fertilisers we apply and turn them in to nutrients to nourish the turf. So, the more microbes there are, the more ‘alive’ your soil is and the more effectively it can make use of the fertilisers we apply. It works in harmony with the high analysis slow-release feed contained in this treatment. It also contains three different herbicides concentrating on the weed species that thrive at this time of year.

It is wonderful to see your lawn become strong, lush, and healthy. Knowing it is because the soil is happy, and microbial life is flourishing.