Eco Green™ Mid-Summer Treatment

‘Natural goodness to Keep the turf healthy and 100% weed-free’

Key Components

Key Benefits

Applied in the summer, our unique EcoGreen Mid-Summer Treatment is a granular chicken manure-based fertiliser, it creates extraordinarily strong and healthy turf and does not promote excessive growth. While supplying all the summer nutrients your lawn needs. The chicken manure promotes stimulation of essential soil microorganisms which support healthy turf growth and a diverse soil ecosystem. It also provides a gradual and consistent release of nutrients. Any remaining stubborn weeds will be given individual attention using a specialist liquid herbicide, to ensure your lawn is 100% weed-free.

During the summer months, when you are using your lawn the most, playing with the kids, having a BBQ with friends, throwing a ball for the dog, or simply relaxing. It is great to know that your vibrant green lawn is powered by nature!