Eco Green™ Pre-Autumn Treatment

‘Thickens and strengthens, while friendly bacteria eliminate diseases, and nourish the roots’

Key Components

Key Benefits

Applied at the end of summer, or early autumn. Our unique and innovative EcoGreen Pre-Autumn Treatment ensures the lawn is in exactly the right condition for the end of the growing season, it stops fungal discolouration and boosts the root system. It contains precisely the right amount of nutrients and micronutrients to ensure the turf has the all-important strength and thickness it needs and kills any diseases, so the turf stays an even deep green.

The EcoGreen Pre-Autumn Treatment contains high levels of an amazing friendly bacteria called Bacillus Subtillis. They live on the roots of the grass plant and help it absorb nutrients, in particular phosphorus, which greatly improves to root system. It is also an extremely effective biofungicide that atacks harmful fungi such as fusarium, they also stimulate the grass plant to activate its own defense mechanisms, so it can fend off diseases.

As you admire you’re strong and thick lawn, you will know that below the surfice the friendly bactreria are boosting the root system and fending off fungal attack.