Eco Green™ Spring Treatment

‘Wakes up your lawn after winter’

Key Components

Key Benefits

In March or April, we apply our unique EcoGreen Spring Treatment, it comprises of granular nutrients, a liquid anti-stress bio-stimulant, and liquid herbicides to kick start your lawn into action.

With high levels of all nutrients in a quick acting formulation designed for optimum performance in spring conditions. A combination of herbicides is applied to target weeds early. You will admire your lawn as it rapidly awakens from winter, it will begin to grow and become thick, lush, and deep green.

As part of the Spring Treatment, we apply our innovative and high-tech anti-stress bio-stimulant, containing the maximum concentration of amino acids. It is formulated with organic biomolecules and stimulates soil microbial production of organic acids, enabling the turf to manage any stresses it could endure. It helps create a strong and healthy root system and promotes lush and dense turf. Our EcoGreen Spring Treatment wakes up your lawn from winter and supplies it all the goodness it needs to benefit it from the roots up.