Hollow - Tine Aeration & Seaweed Root Feed Treatment

Key Components

Key Benefits

Keeping soil aerated and decompacted is one of the most important factors when growing healthy grass. In fact, for growing any plant or crop. This is why farmers plough before planting and keen gardeners turnover and break up the soil with a spade. Obviously neither of these two practices are practical on a lawn!

There are several types of aeration which can be carried out on a lawn, fracture tine and solid tine (or spiking) are good practices to increase water and air flow, they can be performed yourself, either with a garden fork or a simple spike aerator. This can be done as frequently as you like. However, the only way to decompact the soil is by hollow-tine aerating. We strongly recommend this is done once each year. It is included in our Standard and Ultimate packages and can also be opted for as a bolt-on treatment.

Hollow – Tine Aeration removes thousands of soil cores from the surface of your lawn, to relieve soil compaction, giving the roots more air and space to grow which greatly improves the lawns general condition and drought resistance.  The aerated soil allows for a far greater uptake of water, oxygen, and nutrients. It also improves surface drainage and destructs sub-surface thatch, which creates a less favourable environment for moss.

We always compliment Aeration with our Seaweed Root Feed, it works on the roots in two different ways:

Firstly, it stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity. Which improves the health and effectiveness of the root system.

Secondly, it contains high levels of root growth hormones, which massively increase root growth and improve the condition of the root system.