Machine Scarification & Post Scarification Treatment

Key Components

Key Benefits

Machine scarification removes moss and thatch from the lawn. Thatch is a mat of dead side shoots that builds up at the base of the stems on a lawn. It is vital to remove this layer as it forms the perfect environment for moss growth, and it creates the humid conditions loved by fungal diseases. Machine Scarification also stimulates the production of new side shoots which help create dense and lush turf.

The Lawn People’s Machine Scarification is the absolute best you can give your lawn. We use the highest quality machines available, on them each blade is independently sprung so we can closely scarify every contour of your lawn. To achieve perfection when scarifying a lawn, a lot of skill and experience is required, as we have scarified tens of thousands of lawns you can rest assured you are in good hands. We take care of every detail, for example, machines can only get about 10cm from the edges of a lawn, so we manually scarify these areas, and when clearing the lawn of all the thatch and moss the scarifier has removed, we use a combination of rakes and powerful backpack blowers. Ensuring everything is removed. Then we finish the treatment by applying nutrients which quickly strengthen the turf, plus a moss control to ensure any moss spores remaining don’t spread.

We strongly recommend annual Scarification; it is included in the Standard and Ultimate packages. It can also be opted for as a ‘bolt-on’.