Opti Grow™ Growth Regulator Treatment

‘Our innovative solution to optimise the growth characteristics of your lawn’

Key Components

Key Benefits

The Lawn People’s OptiGrow treatment incorporates cutting edge science to enhance the way your lawn grows. It slows vertical growth, and diverts growth downward, which produces more root growth, side shoots, and thickens the grass blades. Resulting in a thicker, heathier lawn that can withstand stresses of higher temperatures and more use. While reducing the amount of mowing required. An additional benefit is that, over time, it will decrease the amount of unfavourable grass species (Poa annua) and increase the concentration of preferential grasses.

For best results this treatment is applied when the turf is growing at its fastest rate. This varies from year to year. It is always when we the soil is both warm and moist. OptiGrow is included in our ‘Ultimate Programme’, it is applied twice each year, at the times it will have the greatest effect. It is available to all our customers as a ‘bolt-on’ treatment, we will advise when the best time is for application, each season.