Overseeding & Top-Dressing Treatment

Key Components

Key Benefits

The reasons why we overseed lawns are to maintain the highest level of quality of a top-class lawn. Or to overcome problems such as when a lawn has been badly damaged by drought, or when older grass can no longer achieve a deep green colour. We also overseed to improve the species of grasses which make up the lawn.

We teamed up with the UK’s top grass seed producer and they have created a seed blend exclusively for us, it’s called ‘British Emerald™’, as all species have been chosen to suit the UK climate and produce a rich emerald-green turf. The species include the very latest perennial Rye, which have the hardy and rapid establishing characteristics, but with also with excellent appearance. Top class fescue grasses are a major part of the blend which give that ‘velvet’ look, and can also tolerate drought conditions, which we are having more frequently now.

We apply an organic top-dressing, which promotes rapid and healthy germination, and nourishes the seedlings through to being established plants. The organic top dressing is the perfect environment for all the beneficial micro-organisms. It also gives body to lighter sandy soils, helping them retain moisture in dry weather, and helps improve the structure of heavier clay-based soils, increasing the amount of oxygen in the root zone.

The most effective time of year to overseed is late summer or early autumn, this is because we have warm soil and we usually have a good amount of rainfall.