Weed & Moss Treatment Control

Our lawn treatment programmes ensures your lawn stays free of moss and weeds.


Moss Treatment

In keeping a lawn free of moss, we need to address several different factors. Firstly the nutrition of turf is vitally important to ensure the turf density is correct, as if the turf is sparse moss will usually encroach the available space. Also an over fed dense turf will produce a thick layer of dead side shoots known as thatch which is a perfect platform for moss to grow from.

Moss thrives in a damp environment, so we must ensure the turf has good surface drainage, thatch impedes surface drainage, so regular machine scarification to control the level of thatch is important. Compacted soil greatly reduces surface drainage, to alleviate this we hollow tine core aerate.

We apply moss control at least once each season as part of the seasonal treatments that form the core programme.

Moss also thrives in shade, so reducing the amount of shade the lawn receives also helps reduce moss growth.

moss treatment

weed treatment

Weed Treatment

To keep our lawns completely free of weeds we stock an arsenal of herbicides! We survey each lawn to establish every species of weed present; it is not uncommon for us to apply up to 5 different herbicides in one seasonal treatment!

There are lawn weeds such as lesser trefoil and speedwell, that other lawn companies simply cannot completely eradicate, but we can! We use a secret combination of herbicides that we have been working on for the last decade!


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