Seasonal Lawn Advice

Good seasonal lawn care practices is where we rely on our customers to join us in partnership to achieve turf perfection!


Seasonal Lawn Advice

We will take care of the science part; constructing a bespoke programme of fertilisation, moss and weed control, paying on going close attention to disease and pest prevention and cure, regularly monitoring soil compaction, soil PH, surface and sub surface thatch levels, turf density and the root system.

Seasonal Lawn Advice

We will also take care of the groundsman part; Our liscensed, uniformed fully trained lawn technicians will accurately and skilfully carry out all of the professional lawn care for you.

Seasonal Lawn Advice

During the winter stay of the lawn if there is snow on it as walking on the snow causes the ice crystals to rupture the cell walls leaving it open to discolouration and fungal attack. You will have probably seen with yellow footprints on a green lawn when the snow has cleared!

During the autumn we have three pieces of advice: keep those fallen leaves off the lawn…Keep those fallen leaves off the lawn and… you guessed it, keep those fallen leaves off the lawn! Leaving them on causes thinning, fungal attack and if left on for too long, death!

During the summer and prolonged hot and dry weather turf can really suffer, here is our comprehensive guide to keeping your lawn happy in the heat:

Your lawn is likely to suffer from drought stress in hot and dry weather, in its early stages the turf will lose its springiness; the grass blades will not stand back upright after walking on it and your foot print will remain on the turf; next it will lose its lush green appearance and become slightly blue or silver in appearance; then it will turn brown in patches and eventually the whole lawn can become brown, this is the natural survival mechanism of grass, it becomes dormant and growth stops. Once the soil becomes moist again the turf will begin to grow and regain its colour. However drought can cause serious problems on some lawns, occasionally turf can die off altogether but more commonly it can cause a problem called ‘dry patch’ where the soil actually repels water, known as a ‘hydrophobic root zone’Seasonal Lawn Advice

Here is some Seasonal Lawn Advice on how to best help your lawn during dry weather

Use the lawn as little as possible; foot traffic can damage the already weak turf.

Raise the cutting height to 5cm (2’’).

Keep the mower blades sharp to promote a nice clean cut, blunt blades bruise the grass causing it to lose moisture and discolour.

Leave grass clippings on the lawn, they act as water retaining mulch, continue to mow regularly to ensure the clippings are small so they do not smother the grass.

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