Slow Growth Regulator

The beauty of this treatment is that as well as making the turf healthier, it means you can spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time cutting it!


Slow Growth RegulatorThis treatment works fantastically. Unlike the traditional turf growth inhibitors that slow down growth by actually damaging the grass plant in a similar way to a weed killer. Our Slow Growth Regulator contains the active ingredient Trinexapac-ethyl.

What does our Slow Growth Regulator do?

It targets the plant’s growth hormones to inhibit vertical growth and stimulate side shoot production and root growth. This results in a healthier, denser turf, with improved colour, appearance and drought tolerance. With the added benefit of up to 50% slower growth.

Another advantage of this Slow Growth Regulator treatment is that it helps reduce the presence of annual meadow grass, which we consider a weed on a good quality lawn. We apply it at the optimum dose rate for the specific turf grass species and we have been really impressed with the results it has achieved. To be most effective it needs to applied three times each year, in conjunction with the; Spring Treatment; Early Summer Treatment and Late Summer Treatment.

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