Wetting Agent Treatment

We can offer to our customers the most advanced and effective wetting agent treatment availible.


The Wetting Agent Treatment significantly improves the condition of turf during the summer months and we strongly advise that drought prone lawns receive this Wetting Agent Treatment every year. The best time for it to be applied is when we carry out your early summer treatment.

Wetting Agent Treatment Application

Wetting Agent Treatment

The wetting agent application significantly reduces the irrigation requirement of turf on all soil types, by greatly improving the turf’s ability to utilise water. Our wetting agent works in three different ways.  Firstly, it removes water repellent deposits from the root zone and therefore curing the hydrophobic (water repellent) soil conditions. Secondly, it contains a surfactant that improves the soils ability to utilise water by helping it spread through the root zone and attach to the soil molecules. This means the root zone will reach its optimum water content after less rainfall, or irrigation.  Therefore it greatly improves the turf’s drought tolerance and re-growth after dry spells. Thirdly it enables the soil to hold onto water more effectively, keeping it greener in dry weather.

This Wetting Agent Treatment usually only needs only to be applied once during each season, however in extreme circumstances it can be applied up to three times. It is a liquid that we apply using a sprayer over the surface of the lawn. It will not damage the turf if it is not watered in, but we recommend a brief irrigation to ensure even distribution through the root zone. This product is not harmful in any way to the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil, or to any pets or wildlife.

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